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About Us

Founded in 1974 in Kuwait

As transportation and car lease company and moved to contracting and real estate, Al Khaled has become today one of the leading business in its fields . Al Khaled teams is made up of 300 employees who have a great feel of pride in their skills and experience , in fact , one of the ways we measure success at Al Khaled is by our ability to produce strong financial results , while making key strategic moves that position the organization or continued success in the future.
Day to day Al khaled Group is shifting their business to the future changing the company activity for better protected business in assorted field like industrial, real estate, automobile, consumer products, food and beverage.
Al Khaled family is one of the oldest deep rooted , socially recognized families in Kuwait, and have always been vigorously involved in the formation of political and economic, future of this country generations after generations.

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